Bisq v.5.0 not updating from old app nothing carried over either

I started the new version, but nothing was carried over. I even Restored my wallet and still nothing was restored from old app. Is their a way to use ALL my info from the old app version into v0.5.0 ?

As stated in the announcement:

As that release has very profound changes it is NOT backward compatible to the earlier versions.
It uses a new network which is separated from the current trade network. So your offers from the current application will not be visible for users who are using the new version.
If you want to migrate to the new version you need to close your offers and withdraw your funds to the new application. You can run both applications in parallel as they are using a different data directory.
You cannot move over the wallet or application data because the wallet format has changed (BIP44) and we use a different data structure for the data base files. So you need to transfer the Bitcoin with a BTC transaction and set up your payment account(s) manually.

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As in-cred-u-lous said, it is not compatible with an earlier version. It is practically a different program. Different network, different protocol, different files, different name… It is nice to have something brand new :slight_smile:

I came here looking for that exact problem.
If we have to restart the wallets, we’re going to lose some reputation in the exchange, and it’s possible that in the future this will be something valuable in bisq.

Yes that is a drawback. I am sorry but the changes was just too much to make it backward compatible, or it would have taken another 3 months…


Do you think that there might be any possibility to “rescue” at least only the reputation, somehow, from the old “accounts”?

i will look into it…

one thing is that u need to copy over the tor private_key and hostname.

with that u have the same network ID (onion address)

not sure if that is enough though… will check out later…


Sorry but isnt it possible to export accounts below on the button to Export Accounts. Wont that make the process a little easier? or is that also not compatible to import it into the new version?

Also. Honestly, i personally only care about Transactions and History tabs to be easily imported. I know it can be exported to CSV, but to import it is a problem.

No the data format has changed

It is just work to build some import tool. Import was also not supported int eh old version.
Any dev could help here, a low hanging fruit… But I have too much other things on my table…

@ManfredKarrer eventually i just used half an hour to setup everything again. Not a big deal, reputation can always be rebuilt i guess.



I just tried to paste over my old Bitsquare data (tor private_key and hostname) to my new Bisq directory but it didn’t worked out.
I would be nice to keep track of our reputation…

Has the Devs be able to help with the reputation to be carried over? Maybe have a backup option that saves the rep in a .json or some other type that the new update/upgrades wouldn’t affect it during compile of new programming syntax. If Devs is able to give insight on this that be great. :wink:



I am too busy with a new release (additional security features, remove requirement for email exchange and id check, add in-app downloader with automatic sig check) and with completing the DAO and preparing 100 things regarding DAO launch (mainly to get our weakness in the communication area solved, e.g. find a dedicated person for it).

So no, I did not had time to look into it more closely and I fear it is too late to fix that.
The main reason is that the reputation is based on the onion address. If users have already offers they cannot change the onion address. So it does not help you if you change it for yourself and get the reputation data imported, but you would need that all your past trade peers also change back to the old onion address, which will not happen if they have already offers/trades going on. Beside that I never tested if changing the onion address will have further side effects, so I don’t recommend to do that.
I am sorry that I did not implement that in the 0.5.0 release, but it would have added another delay and I was not aware that this feature is so highly appreciated by users.

You can see it also positive as that with a new onion address you get disconnected from previous trade activities which gives you more privacy. The reputation has always 2 sides and some people value privacy higher than the reputation history. In future we probably add a feature to optionally renew the onion address exactly for the privacy reason (but it would reset reputation history, you cannot have both but its the users choice).

Beside that it is NOT a security feature. A scammer could build up reputation and then abuse that (long con).

So in summary: I fear that train has left, sorry. Please keep in mind that such a “hardfork” update is exceptional and the first after more than one year since we launched. Once we have more developers we also will have better resources to plan such an event better in future.

You can use that hidden service directory to make a website on that onion address that can point to the new onion address, if it helps.

Maybe even an onion proxy…who knows…

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Interesting idea :wink:


Check out

There might come a new form of reputation. Not planned immediately as not enough time yet but seems we found a good solution for a decentralized and privacy protecting reputation system.