Bisq v0.8.0 is OUT


Bisq v0.8.0 is out.
With great and long awaited features.

Release notes

This release adds two long requested payment methods (Face to Face payment and HalCash),
improves everyone’s privacy by rounding fiat values
and finally adds support for mobile notifications for your trades, market activity and price alerts.
Although currently hidden the DAO code is also part of this release.


Rounding of fiat values to improve privacy
Add mobile notifications
Fix transaction broadcast issue

Payment methods

Add HalCash
Add Face to Face payment


No new assets are listed until the Listing fee policy proposal reaches consensus.


Add warning popup for languages not natively supported by arbitration
Reflect new repository structure in issue links
Fix reseting of amount column in trade statistics


Added DAO code
Refactoring of generics

More infos :
Easy download :


Having F2F payments so fast is huge.


I’m myself a recent contributor, and I’m astonished how fast it goes from discussions (here), to implementation.
… now we are all curious to see how much it will be used.
Crossing fingers !
Kudos to the devs.