Bisq v0.9.2 released!

Download either from the in-app downloader (more secure) or from .

Release notes

With this release the fee model of Bisq was simplified and the maker fee reduced. The Bisq trading fee for the offer maker is now a fixed percentage of 0.1% and for the taker it was increased from 0.2% to 0.3%. This should reflect the higher burden on the maker side and incentivize market makers.
Besides that we squashed some bugs in the Bisq DAO and improved the UI on multiple places. This release adds 19 new assets including the 2 Mimblewimble implementations Beam and Grin (Grin will be enabled as soon as it goes live on Mainnet).

Bisq DAO (on Testnet)




  • Update to netlayer 0.6.3: 1, 2





  • Added 19 new assets:
    Aeon (AEON), Beam (BEAM), Bitmark (BTM), Dextro (DXO), FourtyTwo (FRTY), GambleCoin (GMCN), Grin (GRIN) (will be enabled on Mainnet release), Horizen (ZEN), IdaPay (IDA), Iridium (IRD), Noir (NOR), Pinkcoin (PINK), Qbase (QBS), Remix (RMX), SiaPrimeCoin (SCP), SpaceCash (SPACE), UnitedCommunityCoin (UCC), Webchain (WEB), WrkzCoin (WRKZ)
  • Removed not traded assets.

v0.9.3 is also out, just so everybody is aware :slight_smile:

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Thanks @alexej996! We had a runtime issue with a loitering empty trade object, that causes the trade statistic screen to crash in most client versions of the app. Hopefully we don’t need to do combo back releases in the future again :wink:.

As much as I understand the re-shifting of the fees, they are a bit high no? Its common to find .2:/1 taker/maker fee at other exchanges plus we have additional fees because of mining.

With the last version, Bisq decided (after discussion + voting) to decrease the fees for the makers in order to try to push the liquidity, because liquidity is what is wanted at first by everybody.

For information : for december 2018, if I remember correctly the total fees represented 0.28% of the traded volume. We’ll see how that evolves this month, but such number seems quite competitive.

in Dec, if taker payed 0.2%+mining and maker payed 0.2%+mining, wouldn’t the total fee be at least 0.4% of the trade volume? Right now I see if I create a 0.1 BTC trade I pay 0.1% to make + 0.03% for mining, and taker would pay 0.3% + 0.03% for a total of 0.46% compared to the 0.3% of Poloniex, 0.2% for Binance ect.

I’m just trying to be clear but it seems we are more expensive than any of the top 10 exchanges and wondered if this was correct/being addressed

@Izzytdi ,
1/ I was speaking from the Bisq perceived fees (what allows the project contributors to be paid and the project to continue to exist). Bisq does not perceive the BTC mining fees. Those fees are strictly for the bitcoin miners.

2/ Bisq first goal is to help with protecting your money thru improved privacy. People who don’t value that are of course welcome in centralized exchanges … where absolutely all their transactions are monitored and recorded for further use.
Bisq proposes a different service, it’s not absurd to have also a different fee system.

3/ There is no month where a centralized exchange isn’t closing, taking 100% of the client’s money away. That’s a very concrete 100% fee with concerns tens of thousands of clients and millions of bucks. … Of course, as long as you aren’t hurted, everything is fine and you can continue the game.

Bisq might move to a new offchain trading protocol soon, when the Bisq DAO comes out on mainnet.

Mining fees should be lower then, which is part of the main reasons why devs are seriously considering this idea in the first place. As for the trading fees, that will also have to remain to be seen when the DAO comes out, as contributors might reconsider the exact amounts many time over in the Bisq’s future.

right right I totally agree and am willing to pay a bit of a premium for such security (thats why i love this exchange), just hoped a larger fee wouldnt chaise people away. But I totally forgot about the DAO coming out which will reduce the fees. Glad to see the devs are on top of things =]