Bisq v0.9.5 released!


Download either from the in-app downloader (more secure) or from .

This release introduces instant trading for altcoins (trade duration < 1 hour), percentage based security deposits to better match the traded amount and other bug fixes across the board. Especially the problem with lost trading fees should be a thing of the past from now on.

One important feature for the Bisq DAO is now also included in this version: Spending of unconfirmed BSQ change outputs.

So there are many reasons to update to this version including 13 new assets.

Bisq DAO (on our DAO Testnet)







  • Added 13 new assets: Arqma (ARQ), Bitzec (BZC), CloakCoin (CLOAK), Doichain (DOI), DSTRA (DST), Galilel (GALI), Hatch (HATCH), Helium (HLM), LitecoinPlus (LCP), MirQuiX (MQX), Plenteum (PLE), Veil (VEIL), XDR (XDR)


good work! (like always :upside_down_face:)
But really need a update.
(I would volunteer to do that)
Especial the deposit is now way lower for small transactions.
And I would use Euro/SEPA as example because that is what most people do.


Welcome to volunteer !
All the doc work is done at thru pull requests.

Concerning the way to contribute:
(Maybe you already have read it).