Bisq v0.9.7 released!

This is a hotfix release to fix a rounding issue for market based price offers introduced in v0.9.6.

Here are the release notes from v0.9.6:

This will be the last feature release before the Bisq DAO goes live on Mainnet! It is not only packed with updates around the Bisq DAO, but also includes bug fixes for Tor startup, improvements in message handling and many more minor bug fixes.

Bisq DAO (on our DAO Testnet)








  • Added 4 new assets: Amitycoin (AMIT), Navcoin (NAV), Qwertycoin (QWC), XDR (XDR0)
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Bug found - can not edit offers to anything other then full integer %, 2.5 above market value rounds to 3% 1.3 to 1 ect.

edit: If you point me to where devs need such info, I can add more detail is the right place for reporting such bugs

Great stuff. The ZBit Team has submitted a Github branch for review - do you think it might make it into the next release? @christoph

@christoph we get a pop up that there’s a new version available when we launch the Bisq client. Could we also that “Dowload binary and verify signature” somewhere else on the software?

We just released a hotfix in v0.9.7 that should fix this issue. Sorry about that!

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