Bisq v1.1.0 released!

This release adds an impotant security meassurement to protect against the bank chargeback scammer. With this in place we can remove the banning of certain SEPA regions and Interac scheduled for the 5th of May.

The new restrictions are as follows:
If a fiat payment account was created after March 15th 2019 it is considered risky and limited to 0.01 BTC trades if the account holder is the BTC buyer. For the seller there is no restriction. The restriction is applied to all payment methods based on bank transfers which carry some chargeback risk (Sepa, Sepa Instant, Interact, Zelle, Revolut, National bank transfers, Chase Quick Pay, Popmoney, Moneybeam, Uphold).

On May 5th we will block old accounts from trading to enable us to unblock the banned SEPA regions and Interac. So please update as soon as possible!

This solution is an intermediary step on the way to a more sophisticated protection solution (see proposals) but those will require more time to get implemented.

Beside that there are some other important fixes:

  • Fix account age display in peer avatar
  • Decrease the security deposit amount for altcoins
  • Improve BSQ block propagation
  • Add search field to trade history







Added two new asset: List Trust Eth reOrigin (TEO) and ParsiCoin (PARS)

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No prompt inside the software to update.

True - I only tested on Regtest if the message works. The problem is that we have two alert message out there right now. The scam alert and the update alert and the depending on the timing one overwrites the other during startup. I have to wait on Manfred to remove the scam alert he sent out, so that the update message becomes visible.

Thanks for pointing that out!

I got a notification about 1.1.0 being released

Yes, it’s unfortunately a timing issue right now, as we only used the alert system for app updates and not for broadcast messages. It will be shown soon to all users.


There’s one issue with the current restrictions based on the account age.

I sell BTC only for EUR (SEPA) and my account is ~30 days old. I want to trade with reputable peers, even the ones I’ve already traded with, whose acc age is more than a year, but I cannot do so.

I know this is only temporary, but I’m perfectly aware of the risks and have my own methods towards mitigating them. By disallowing me to participate in trades with reputable peers, this restriction goes against the very vision of Bisq:

No power of censoring, confiscating, monitoring or controlling your financial interaction.

Is there an estimate as to when 1.2.0 with the new protocol will be ready?

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Please wait (around two days) until we force people to update to 1.1.0 to trade. When we do this we’ll also lift the restrictions again for certain payment methods (SEPA is one of them). So people with payment accounts created before March 15th will be able to trade as before the restrictions.

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As a seller you can trade after this also with reputable peers as takers (even if your account age as seller is ~30 days old)

Just to confirm, Transfer with specific bank and Transfer with the same bank are also included right?

Yes, the are also included.