Bisq v1.1.7 released!

This is a hotfix release mainly covering following issue:

Here are the release notes from v1.1.6:

Release notes

This version includes important improvements which require that all traders update for compatibility reasons.
Trader chat enables users to have direct encrypted communication during the trade to resolve minor problems.
Mediation is an additional dispute resolution layer before a trade goes to arbitration. Mediators do not have a key in the multisig escrow, so they can only evaluate a situation and make a suggestion. If this suggestion is accepted by both traders, the trade can be completed without involving an arbitrator. Otherwise, the trade goes to arbitration. See more information here.
For backward compatibility reasons, mediation will be activated in 2 steps.

  • By September 19, all traders need to have updated to v1.1.6, or they will not be able to trade.
  • On September 26, mediation will become available.

Additionally this version features a dark mode, adds Japan Bank transfer and we’ve lifted the 0.01 BTC limit for all markets except USD, EUR, CAD, GBP, AUD and BRL.









Added 14 new asset: DarkPay (D4RK), Emercoin (EMC), Ergo (ERG), Know Your Developer (KYDC), Kore (KORE), Masari (MSR), Particl (PART), PENG Coin (PENG), SixEleven (SIL), Solo (XSL), VARIUS Coin (VARIUS), Vertcoin (VTC), WORX Coin (WORX)