Bisq v1.2.1 released!

This is a hotfix release mainly covering following issues:

Here are the release notes from v1.2.0:

Bisq v1.2 ships several significant updates. A new trade protocol moves to 2-of-2 multisig escrows for deposit funds, dispute resolution is overhauled to be more private and scalable, and account signing removes 0.01 BTC buying limits for risky payment methods in major markets.

If you are updating from a previous version of Bisq, please make sure to do the following before updating to v1.2:

  • complete all trades
  • complete all disputes
  • disable open offers (at “Portfolio/My Open Offers”)

Updating to v1.2 with unfinished trades and disputes will require an arbitrator to intervene and manually make payouts. Downgrading back to v1.1.7 to rectify the situation will not be possible, so please double-check before updating.






Added 7 new assets: Animecoin (ANI), CTSCoin (CTSC), Donu (DONU), Faircoin (FAIR), ndau (XND), NoteBlockchain (NTBC), uPlexa (UPX)

Removed two assets: Byte (GBYTE), Neos (NEOS)

I have a bunch of open offers which have very low deposits, which was fine under 2-of-3 but makes me feel very uncomfortable under 2-of-2. Do I just need to say goodbye to my BSQ fees paid here or is there a way to change the deposit % without losing my BSQ trading fees?

Just read through the new trade protocol and am a little concerned. I’ve completed about 70 trades, about 3 of those have had to go to arbitration, all for deposit txs not publishing correctly. It has been impossible to close these trades without an arbitrator as one of the partys tx never published they can’t sign the payout tx. Now I am worried this penalty transaction will result in my money being tied up even longer (or lost altogther). What has been done to reduce these trade bugs? In the event a trade does bug (which it seems to around 5% of the time), how can I make sure my funds are not lost if my deposit published fine but my counterpartys did not?

I have a couple of other issues with this protocol too, but less important right now. I second I will most likely be raising my fee and deposit amount under this new protocol.

Unfortunately there is no way to change your deposit percentage in existing offers atm.

The trade protocol changed a bit so it could be that some old bugs are vanished already. Besides that we are working already on 1.2.2 which will be a bug fix release for a couple of nasty bugs, that we were finally able to reproduce locally during release testing of 1.2. So the arbitration use case with the new trade protocol should be a really rare one single digit in total within on month.

What exactly will happen if I would take with the new version an old offer that is not migrated yet to the new version? Would it fail or run with the old trade protocol version?

I saw that some smaller markets do not have the column “Time since signing” in the offer book table, whereas in the EUR offer book there are entries with “N/A”. Therefore I assume that in a market without the “Time since signing” column in the offer book all makers did not yet upgrade to the new version. Is that correct?

I just tried that, and bisq made it impossible to do so. Both traders have to be on the new version.

You can’t take an old offer with the new version as it is prevent by the UI because of the different trade protocol.

Account signing is only required for certain payment methods in certain markets:

So if the column is not there or it displays “N/A” in an offer that this payment method doesn’t require account signing