Bisq v1.3.7: You cannot take that offer

When trying to take any offer to buy BTC always get error: –

You cannot take that offer because the maker is offline.

If you have already paid funds you can withdraw it in the “funds/send funds” screen.

I had this problem earlier in the year also and it was only resolved once bisq was updated to a new client.
Have been using this client successfully for the past few weeks and no problem until today.
Anyone else getting this problem?

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Hey Mirko,

There’s a chance that that offer is a “ghost offer” It appears but isn’t actually there!

These ghost offers happen at times. I was under the impression that they had been fixed but it seems that there are several reasons why they could happen.

I’m looking into it but in the meantime id try taking a different offer to see if this keeps happening.

I was trying multiple different offers but getting the same error.

Its back working fine today with no more error.

Could have been a connection issue then! Glad to see that got resolved.