Bisq v1.5.1 released

This is a hotfix that fixes critical bugs that can occur during the trade process!

For a full list of changes please see milestone v1.5.1 for more details.

Here are the release notes from v1.5.0:

Release notes

This release finally brings SegWit to Bisq’s trade protocol. It also implements fee optimizations enabled by SegWit, so mining fees for all BTC transactions are lower.

There are also some notable trading-related updates: you can now edit pricing and payment methods of your live offers; account limits have been simplified (and removed where unneeded); and 3 new payment methods were added (Australian PayID, TransferWise and Amazon gift cards).

The SegWit integration wouldn’t have been possible without the anonymous sponsor who pre-funded the project, so big thanks to them! If you might be interested in pre-funding a specific feature, please contact us on Keybase in the #projects channel. Bisq is a critical element of the Bitcoin ecosystem and could really use your help.









No new assets.

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