Bisq v1.7.0 disaster

I updated my Bisq v1.65 to v1.7.0 as recommended by Bisq. I also backed up my v1.6.5 Data file as recommended. The update was installed and I now have a totally dysfunctional Bisq application. I have no login, no trade history, and no wallet (unfortunately for me I forgot to empty my wallet before going ahead with the upgrade to v1.7.0). The bisq community has been very helpful in the past but I am still not able to recover my v1.6.5 Data. My understanding of the Bisq instructions for restoring the data file in my Ubuntu 21.0.4 list these steps:

  1. Make sure Bisq is closed
  2. Copy the entire [Bisq] directory from the Data Backup (/Home/user_name/snap/bisq-desktop/bisq_backup_2021---******) and paste it into the computer default data directory location (/Home/user_name/.local/share/Bisq/). If there already exists a directory called[Bisq] remove it and replace it with the Data Backup.
    I have searched my Home directory for the (/Home/user_name/.local/share/Bisq/) directory without results. Can you tell me what directory I should look for in v1.7.0 so that I may replace it with the Data backup I made from my v1.6.5 Bisq. Will this Data be compatible with v1.7.0? If not, can you tell me how I may recover or reinstall v1.6.5 so that I may paste the v1.6.5 Data backup into that version and, hpoefully, recover my login, wallet, and trade history?
    Thank you for your help.

I am also having trouble with the latest and greatest update. But with my issue It keeps telling me to download the latest version.

The data directory is /home/user_name/.local/share/Bisq/, the same directory your step 2 says needs to be deleted; Which is a risky thing to do! It has not changed in 1.7.0. Note that /home/user_name/.local is a hidden directory, which may be why you didn’t see it.

First you need to ensure you have a valid backup. Take a look at the following to see what a backup should look like: Data directory - Bisq Wiki

There’s nothing special to do after upgrading the application. The same data directory used with 1.6.5 works with 1.7.0. A backup would not have hurt anything, but that restore process looks iffy; It’s too easy to unknowingly replace a good data directory with garbage.