Bisq v1.7.0 released

Release notes

This release prepares nodes for the upcoming Tor Onion Service upgrade to v3, makes several UI refinements, and fixes bugs across the board.

This version also fixes a privacy issue that will be disclosed in about 1 week (that’s when this version will be set as the required minimum version for trading). Please update as soon as possible!


Bug fixes

Development & Documentation


No new assets.

Hello, I have installed Bisq v1.7.0 and made the recommended changes to my Data Directory by deleting the /.local/share/Bisq/folder which contains the hiddenservice file. I restarted Bisq and now have a new wallet with 0.00 balance. Unfortunately I forgot to remove funds from my v1.6.5 wallet before going through this procedure. I have the PIN and RECOVERY PHRASE for my old v. 1.6.5 wallet. Can I recover those funds? Can I bring those funds into my new v1.7.0 wallet or at least access them so I can send them to an external wallet? I have also lost the seniority I had in my old v1.6.5 wallet and am restricted on trades I may take. Do I have to start from scratch again in this new v.1.7.0 Bisq? Is there a way I can reinstate my old v1.6.5 Bisq? Thank you and any assistance with this is much appreciated.

Hi, by removing the Bisq folder you have removed all the personal data related to Bisq, including the wallet. You could use a backup to retrieve the data at the point the backup was made.
If you don’t have a backup, use the seed to recover your funds by going to Account - Wallet seed - Restore wallet from seed words. You can do this with the current version.

The correct way to remove v2 Tor addresses is described here: Changing your onion address - Bisq Wiki
TLDR: With Bisq closed, simply delete the hiddenservice folder in your data directory. Then restart Bisq

Thank you! A few questions:

  1. If I restore my entire Data file, which came from my previous 1.6.5 version, is it compatible with my new 1.7.0 version?
  2. Will my account and my wallet be restored as it was in my old 1.6.5 version? I would not want to start over from scratch with trade restrictions and lose the history I have with sellers I have traded with in the past.
  3. As I understand the process, if I cannot restore my 1.7.0 account to the same status my 1.6.5 account had I can at least recover my 1.6.5 wallet and restore it to my new 1.7.0 account. Am I understanding this correctly?
    Thank you very much for your assistance.
  1. Yes, data is usually backwards compatible.
  2. Yes.
  3. Also yes, you could do that but it should not be necessary. Keep the copy always alive and ready to be used on an older version or whatever just in case.
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I have downloaded the latest version but it keeps telling me to download the latest version.

That is strange. What is your Bisq app showing as the version number at the bottom of the screen? v1.7.0?