Bisq v1.9.2 released

This is a hotfix release that adds the latest Tor version (v0.4.7.7) on top of v1.9.1 to improve connectivity caused by an ongoing DDoS attack on the Tor network.

For more details please see v1.9.2 Milestone · GitHub.

Here are the release notes from v1.9.1:

Release notes

If you ever wanted to integrate Bisq into your project and/or to automate your most common use cases, now is the time to do it! This release ships an official API: a daemon (GRPC API endpoints) and a CLI. Please see the API section below for more details.

Aside from an API, we have simplified Bisq’s navigation to make it easier to find what you are looking for:

  • If you want to buy Bitcoin with EUR, just go to Buy > Bitcoin and select your preferred payment method
  • If you want to buy BSQ, just go to Buy > BSQ

This approach gets rid of several intervening and (sometimes unintuitive) steps, so we hope it makes Bisq less mind-bending for new users.

And of course there are lots of bug fixes and improvements across the board.


Bug fixes

Development & Documentation

New Assets

No new assets were added.

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