Bisq vs centralized exchanges

I’m new to Bisq and would love to use it for some of my currency trades and rely less on Gdax. However, I’m hesitant to use Bisq because of the direct national currency transfer to the trade counterparty. For example, what happens if the counterparty is a known terrorist? Now my bank has a record of me supporting terrorists. Is this something I should be worried about?

As a decentralized exchange these things are quite necessary and it protects your privacy.
Maybe there could be some form of mediators that lock their BTC with the trade parties in the multisig that are in between fiat transfers, but I don’t see any plans on implementing that.

I doubt terrorists would be trading Bitcoins on Bisq, at least for now, but you have a right to worry.
And it is a completely reasonable worry for a person to have. I hope you don’t feel to scared about it, but no one can blame you if you are worried. There are many regimes in the World and some are more cruel then others.