Bisq Wallet changed

When I created my bisq account, a BISQ container address was generated for me from the ‘OAD’ menu, ‘BISQ wallet’. I copied this address and added it to the ‘account’ menu, ‘altcoins accounts’. on another computer and I recovered my account using the wallet seed.
When I made an operation selling bitcoins and buying bisq, the address that appeared to the btc buyer was what I had added in the “altcoins accounts” menu, but the address that is in my bisq wallet is now a different one. He paid at my address that I had added to the altocois account, which was what appeared previously and changed. What do I do to access this bisq wallet? It is probably accessed with the same seed, but how do I access it?

Yes, that is expected behavior, nothing to worry about.
You will be able to send those BSQ from the Bisq wallet menu, they will be added to your balance when you receive coins to that old address. You have many BSQ addresses in the same wallet, the app is just showing you the unused ones for privacy reasons.

Unfortunately you can’t select which coins you want to send yet, the app chooses for you, but hopefully that will be a feature one day.

PS: You spelled DAO backwards.

@onlymarcus as long as you’re using the same Bisq wallet (same seed phrase) there shouldn’t be an issue. But look at this issue for precautions to have in mind:

I assume you speak Portuguese, I also do so feel free to ask me questions in Portuguese.

Muito obrigado, consegui recuperar as palavras semente da carteira antiga e achei os bsq compradas. Obrigado

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