Bisq Wallet Security

How secure is the bisq wallet compared to other SPV clients or a comprable full note? Does anyone use the bisq wallet as their primary wallet given that it has SPV and HD support similar to electrum? Or is everyone skeptical of all hot wallets and keep minimal to no coins on anything but a hardware wallet?

Thanks for entertaining these questions.

If I’m not wrong, the bisq wallet is based on bitcoinj. (So it’s as safe as bitcoinj is).
But, the bisq wallet is at first intended/dedicated to be used for the trade you’re doing. And it is not recommanded to use it to store your precious bitcoins.
Once you finish a trade, you should transfer your bitcoins elsewhere.


Yeah, in theory it is just as safe as any other lightweight wallet, but Electrum’s code is likely more reviewed.

Full node wallets are most secure of course and using them in pruned mode to save on space doesn’t hurt their security. The upside of using a full node client though and not a pruned node is that you help the Bitcoin network by relaying blocks and transactions, as well as allow your Bisq client to connect to it directly to increase your privacy when looking up your balance on the Bitcoin network.