Bisq will not load

Windows 10. Bisq will not load. Not the latest and worked fine two weeks ago.
I click to run the program and it starts as normal, it then requests the password which is excepted and correct. it is connected to 9 network peers and synchronized with Bitcoin mainnet using tor. It is showing 3/4 hidden service published and Bisq network peers 8. it has not crashed but stops loading at the splash screen. Any ideas or should i just fresh install.

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What version are you using? Are you using your own node?

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1.3.5 the version before the latest.

No I don’t have my own node …yet

Okay can you update to the latest version and try again?

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It will find my old files history etc ?

Oh yes, updating just overwrites the executable… make a backup of your Bisq directory just in case!

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Great thanks for your help.

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I too am on Windows 10 and having same problem, stalls at the splash screen, the number of peers changes so something is happening but goes no further. Having read this topic I have updated to 1.3.6 but still stuck. I have tried to move funds to external wallet using emergency wallet tool, but I get the message:

You need to wait until you are fully connected to the network.
That might take up to about 2 minutes at startup.

But still nothing happens.

Are you using your own node? How’s your internet connection?

Hi Bayernator,

I have been on holiday.

No I’m not using my own node, is that a seed node? If so, from what I’ve read I can’t imagine having one, at the moment at least. The internet connection has become totally unreliable, don’t know why it’s changed, but having all sorts of problems. I’ll keep investigating that side and then get back with results. Thanks.

The node Bayernator is referring is connecting Bisq to a Bitcoin Core node.

Thanks MnM for that clarification, I’ll do a bit of research into that.

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@Hedger you can always DM me or @MnM with you bisq.log file, found in the Bisq Data directory. There may be a clue in there as to why you are having issues!

Thanks Bayernator. I’ve been away again. A new data cable from entry to router, making it one run and not an extension on an extension, has not given 100% reliable internet access but better, enough to get into bisq, trade and remove all funds, luckily, as I got back to another hard drive crash. No option but to wipe the new drive and start again. So my question is, having been caught with not backing up outside of that drive, do I set up a new account because I have no record of my last account? So I’ve been reinstalling several items of crypto software and the seed words are all you need but not with bisq? What are the seed words for? Will I get new seed words if I make a new account?

Thanks again.

Seed words only grant you access to your private keys, while folder data has all data software, including trades performed and seed-private keys. Saving the seed is an emergency tool, just in case Bisq crashes, so you can export your private keys anywhere.
When you make a new account (install or open a new Bisq instance would be more accurate, as there are no Bisq accounts) you’ll have a new seed.
Remember to copy your seed somewhere safe but also, backup your data folder.

Okay, thanks MnM. I think I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, about backing up, and crucially - where! It’s a relief to be able to get the information you’ve all been giving me during the challenges, many many thanks.

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