Bisq won't start in Ubuntu 16.04

Hello @ all,

I use Ubuntu 16.04. LTS 32 bit, downloaded Bisq-32bit-0.6.7.deb, installation went without problems but it won’t start. When I click the icon it loads for a while and then simply nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Many thx!

You can try looking at the logs for errors.
You can find it in your data directory that under .local/share/Bisq in your home directory.

Thx. There is no .local/share/Bisq in my home directory. Maybe the installation did indeed not go without problems? But there was no error, nothing.

Is there .local/share directory in your home directory?
Or is just Bisq folder inside it missing?

Keep in mind that directories starting with a dot are hidden, so you need to manually open them, for example with a command line.

There ist a .local/share in the home directory, but the Bisq folder is missing.

That is very odd. Try running it from a command-line and look for any errors in the output while Bisq loads in the background.

You can run Bisq from a command-line by going to /opt/Bisq and running ./Bisq

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I get this error:

“Segmentation fault (core dumped)”

Wow, that is a serious and odd issue.
We only had that issue once with Bisq, due to some error in Ubuntu’s operating system that was fixed later with and update.

I doubt this issue has much to do with Bisq itself, perhaps it is an issue with running Java applications on your system in general, but I could be wrong.

Best I can advise you is to update your system really. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

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Thx for the help anyway. Maybe I’ll update and try again in the future.