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I love the bisq project and would like to see this community grow. Discord servers have become very popular in the cryptosphere with exchanges, blockchain projects, and trading groups forming active communities. At this point, a lot of people just expect you to have a Discord server among the options for contact. A bisq Discord server would be great to bring the bisq community to life with live chat and expand our reach by running a Discord server.

Rather than just post this as a suggestion, a server has already been created and configured specifically for bisq. I will hand it off to official bisq team before posting the invite link, pending essential team members being assigned roles and any further configuration required. It is otherwise ready to roll and could be used as an unofficial server if need be, but Iā€™d rather offer this as an opportunity for the official bisq team to have direct, live interaction with the community.

Updates will be posted here. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


I would prefer as its open source and completely decentralized, the same philosophy as behind Bisq.
I run a Matrix server myself.
And there is a bridge to many IRC channels on freenode

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The Discord is ready to go. Join at

That looks really cool. I chose to set up a Discord because it currently has a very large user base and hosts a lot of active crypto currency related communities. A lot of these people already look for a Discord server when wanting to get acquainted with a project and its supporters. So so I am focusing on maintaining as few barriers to visiting or joining the bisq community as possible.
That said, I fully appreciate the decentralized solution and support additional community clusters. This website is very much the anchor of the bisq community, but Swarmwise approach could play a key role in changing the future of crypto exchanges for all we know. While there may currently be a greater quantity, and I do hope that the average Discord user who is interested in crypto exchanges would already be inclined toward decentralized solutions, I would not be surprised to find that more users on average appreciate just how valuable that decentralization is. I would look forward to seeing what comes out of something like that. In the meantime, the bisq Discord server is up and running and open to all.

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