Bitcoin as payment method

Why can I not use bitcoin as a payment method? Only altcoins are the type of cryptocurrency that can be used.


Could you explain what you mean?
Bitcoin is the medium of exchange for altcoins and fiat money. You can think of it as THE payment method for trading altcoins in bitsquare.

not at all! in bitsquare you use bitcoin to buy any altcoin. just select ETH on the currency selection box.

Does it show that message when you try to select an ETH trade or creating a “buy ETH” ad? could you provide a screenshot maybe?

Ok, i see the problem. You want to create your ETH trading account on the Account menu. Then you should be able to trade, once you load up bitsquare’s bitcoin wallet.

Maybe we can have a small feature request for @ManfredKarrer: when clicking “Go to Account”, open the altcoin accounts tab when an altcoin account is missing.

yes again.
just create an eth “account” in bitsquare…under crypto or something i cant remember…which is not really an account. its just your eth address that the seller of eth will see and send to you at that address. its not that hard.

you dont need to create a national bank account “account” for what you are trying to do.

Thanks for your feedback! We will try to improve things regarding usability.

forgot to mention this. dont know what what said in the deleted comments but im guessing it finally clicked he had to deposit btc into the integrated bitsquare wallet/address so that he can then make or accept an offer to buy eth?

not sure why he deleted his comments, i reverted the last of them. @statboy if you have a problem with that let me know.