Bitcoin Average Price difference

Soemthing is currently odd with the price bitsquare uses. As of now the bitsquare price is around 550 Euros but Bitcoinaverage shows it araound 545 as does every other exchange.

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Thanks for reporting that. I am on vacations and cannot dive deeper into the issue atm but will check it out soon. BitcoinAverage recently changed their webpage, maybe there have been changes in the API as well.

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The API has changed. I need to update to their new API. but cannot do easily a new release soon. In about 2-3 weeks I will probably release with the new API.
Though prices should not be too far away as the old API prob. just used a different mix of exchanges to calculate the average price.

Just to chime in on the difference, yes that is because our new API has more exchanges and a better algorithm factoring in not just volume for weighting but liquidity, variance and activity!