Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as base currency


Not every coin can be added as base currency.
Mostly due to low popularity of other base currencies currently and high costs in maintaining different markets. Although many don’t support multisig transactions either or don’t have devs familiar with them posting pull requests.

In future devs have ideas to remove base currencies in general and move to BSQ bonded off-chain trading protocol.

Currently it really don’t make any sense in adding more base currencies, even those that were added before like Litecoin and Dash are removed now, since they weren’t used much.


OK, cool… I get it.

Sounds fine to me but thing is still I didn’t like seeing the “anti” stuff here, already, on my first day as a new user to Bisq just browsing this forum!

Seems to me, an exchange platform ought to just be THAT, and only that, simply, an exchange platform! Without any bias or favoritism to one coin or another, just let people trade WTF they want!

Problems creep in when devs ({ahem}NoNamesMentioned{ahem}) start preaching on own personal preferences for whatever people’s (controversial) choices are “good” or “bad” or should be “allowed” or “discouraged”… that shit, to me, ain’t cool. amirite?


I guess you are right :slight_smile:

Hopefully Bisq contributors will stay non-judgemental in future as well to any new coins, as long as Bisq users keep supporting them.