Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as base currency



bisq has been serving me well over the past years. But the time has come to ask for BCH as a base currency.

I had expected that for release 0.6.3. But since it is still not there, I herewith request it as a user of bisq.


I doubt it will be implemented, but nothing is impossible.
And it will probably not be a priority, since Litecoin and Dash seem to be enough and adding new base currencies takes some effort.

But it is nice to hear suggestions and I guess we will just have to wait and see :slight_smile:



Then maybe this can be useful


I’d also like to see BCH as a base currency. After the fees and delays on the BTC network over the past few months I’ve changed over to using it exclusively. This also explains why I haven’t been on the forum the past few months, Bisq became of little use to me.