Bitcoin Core/Bisq

Hi. I’m kind of lost. I have the bitcoin core loading the block chain and the bisq running. I can buy and sell at bisq using sepa, but I considered the offers a little expensive and risky. I’m in Brazil :soccer::oden:, it’s another world … rs … but I have not yet performed any operations. Many questions … Well, for a start I would like to do some operation within the bisq using small values.

I don’t see what you mean by risky, as Bisq is as safe as it gets when it comes to exchanges.
But I do understand the fees, as mining fees have been high in recent times, although I think they kinda decreased these last few days.

You can change your base currency in Settings and run Bisq over Litcoin or Dash, if you want to trade those trading pairs and experience lower fees.

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Thank you. I had not seen that you could change the base of the coin to dash and litcoin. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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These times are over :wink:
You’re probably paying like a $ for the actual trading transaction with bisq at the moment (from what we talked about in the other thread).
And from hardware wallet to bisq wallet (if you can wait for 1,2 hours) you could very well put a 10 sat fee in which is like 0.20$ or so.

I hope that is true. If it is, then fee estimation services should readjust eventually for this, as it takes some time due to statistical nature of these estimation services (depend on past transactions to make estimation).

Yeah you’re right.
And I’m pretty confident that the spamming we’ve seen in the last 2 months is over. Especially seeing SegWit adoption rising above 20% in recent days.


I have an idea in my head, and I would like to argue with you. I do not know what the outcome will be when I put it into practice, but I feel like taking the risk:

I’m a Civil Engineer, and I’m building a small hostel to rent via Airbnb. It is located in a rural but touristy area. I will put photovoltaic plates, and future biodigestor, in addition to that, today, the electric energy in the place, is very cheap. That is, I can have almost zero cost in energy.

I will try to summarize in a few steps the idea:

Airbnb Rental
I accept cryptos,
I produce cheap energy,
I buy hardware for mining and programming (can be my notebook initially…rs),
Install fast internet connection
The machine that will be used for mining and other things, is controlled remotely by a third party or third party (you, for example) …
The template can be copied.

Anyway … I do not know if it makes sense to you, but I’d like to try.

I forgot the most important thing. What do you think? hehe

I don’t get why you put this into this thread?
As far from what I can tell you want to know whether this is a good business plan?

Sorry, I posted on this topic because I started it … but I understand that it is not the appropriate place.

It’s not about business plan. I mean I can produce cheap and sustainable energy, and use that in machine processing. But I would like to find someone or some who could mine and manage cryptos (produce, trade, …). This person, of course, would take a part of what is produced.

The question is: would anyone be interested in using energy and processing to generate coins, run complete nodes … etc … I want to decentralize mining and make the cryptos more incorporated into the consumer goods market.

Oh I See.
Well this is a bit of a non-bisq-related topic in general.
But regarding your question: cheap energy is basically a must-have for crypto mining these days - here where I live there is basically no way to mine BTC because with any miner, the energy costs is more than what you mine.
If you have such a place, that’s great but I don’t see how anyone from the other part of the world would put up a node there or do something because you pretty much always need to be on site to setup this stuff. Otherwise I’d be in already :wink:
Maybe try setting up a Lightning node if you want to bring BTC to consumers :slight_smile: