Bitcoin locked within offer are gone after harddrive failure

Hi there,

I created a bitcoin-offer (0.5 bitcoin + securitydeposit +…) and a couple of minutes later my harddrive crashed…
I reinstalled bitsquare and replaced the mainnet folder with my bitsquare backup (a couple of days old)
…I got everything in my local bitsquare wallets back, but there are no offers and I can’t find the bitcoin locked in that offer anymore.

do you create a extra bitcoin wallet (that I had no backup of) everytime I create a offer?
if yes: do I have do make a backup everytime I’m making a offer?

Oh damn! But good that you had a backup.
That the offer is not there is expected as your old backup did not contain that. Open and check with the wallet tool (cmd+e or ctrl+e) if the balance there is the same as under available funds+ reserved funds (prob. 0 in your case).
If its not the same and u dont have other offers withdraw form the emergency wallet tool to an external address.

Regarding the other questions. No there is no btc wallet created each time when u create an offer. But data are stored in a local data store and if you dont have a backup the internal data structure is incomplete.

Thx mate ! You saved my ass :smiley: I just donated to ! I’m loving your project ! Have a very nice day!

Great thanks!