Bitcoin Price Stabiltity Feature

Firstly I would like to state I love everything this project stands for.

I don’t want to come in here making demands but I have an idea for a feature I would like to see eventually incorporated into the BitSquare project.

“Price Floor Trading Pools” or “Freeze Pools”

These allow traders to park their altcoin denominated funds into a pool. Funds in these pools can then only be exchanged at or above a predetermined price.

Why risk boxing your altcoin out of the market?

Traders can withdraw their funds at a predetermined penalty, 10% , 15% of deposited funds and so on. These withdrawal fees are then redistributed among the remaining depositors, apportioned acording to the amount invested ( i.e. a depositor with 2 BTC would receive more of a remittance than a depositor with only 1 BTC).

The end result provides traders a place to hedge their funds against market volatility and with sufficient adoption; stability to the market as a whole.

Devs; what are your thoughts on this proposal?

Please let me know what you think.



Thanks for your suggestion!
To offer more sophisticated trading possibilities it definitely on hte roadmap. I just don’t have atm the resources to dive deeper into those as there are too many other hi-prio stuff to be done first.
But stay tuned once the synergetic cooperation is in place we can scale up better with development.