Bitcoin "reserved in offers" in old version of app

I have some money locked up in transactions i opened a long time ago in an old version of the app (which never got triggered). These offers are listed in the “my open offers” tab. When I try to click “remove”, it tells me I need to wait until I’m fully connected to the network. This never happens though, I assume due to some breaking changes in more recent versions of bitsquare. Is there any way for me to free up this money ? With bitcoin’s recent meteoric rise, this has become quite a bit of money and I’d like to be able to recover it. Thanks !

Bitcoin never really leave your wallet until the offer is taken and the trade begins.
It is just the UI that is showing the balance as reserved for the trade, so you don’t accidentally move them before the offer gets taken.

If you are unable to get the bug fixed perhaps with someones help, then you can always access the emergency wallet in the app with ctrl+e or cmd+e.