Bitcoin withdraw with low mining fees stuck

I used to low of a fee, did not expect this volatility in the market.
My funds are stuck for a couple weeks now.

I can’t RBF, can’t cancel, i heard about child pay for parent but i don’t know how to do it.

if you use [Withdrawel as input for new tx, it should chain the Withdrawel output with new fee?

What wallet software do you use?

Electrum for instance has an option in the context menu saying “Child pays for parent” on the incoming unconfirmed transaction.

Or you can construct the transaction yourself, but for that you need a wallet with “coin control”.

I don’t find this on my Bisq Wallet

Its going for a Exchange, so i can’t do Child Pays For Parent

If you can’t control your keys nobody can do a thing. In desperate measure, you can contact the support of the exchange and ask for a CPFP fee. This will take time.

Another solution is to wait for mempool to forget about your withdraw (~3-5 day).

Look for the trade ID on blockchain explorers and when it starts to be not recognized, try a SPV resync to make Bisq forget about the trade too and be able to do a new withdraw transaction.

try a SPV resync to make Bisq forget about…

I guess the resync does help here. It would rather republish them again unfortunately.

There are services offered by miners that will include your transaction for a rather high fee…

it has been 23 days, and mempool did not forget about my withdraw

I already did 3/4 SPV resync ( its not a trade, i had bitcoin on the bisq wallet and send to another exchange )

could you provide a website or name of company ?

If you have some change output from this tx in your bisq wallet you could spend that with a high fee to do a CPFP. Just set the fee in settings and select the output you want to spend. You will probably have to set double the fee you aim for since you have to pay for two transactions with the same fee.

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yay, worked for me and saved some time. Thanks :hugs:

and what amount i have to send? the change but arrive the total? thanks

How i know what is the change? the transaction no longer appear in blockstream

You could change the fees and output in Central exchange wallet CPFP method ? :thinking:

@Kh6b Could you reach keybase #support and ask to DM with technical issue ?