Bitcoins altcoin account


Hi everyone, I’m new to Bisq. I do not understand how to create an altcoin account in bitcoins?
I have to use bitcoins to take a buy offer.



I afraid you got something confused. Altcoin accounts are created when you want to trade altcoins, national currency accounts when you want to trade fiat. All trades have BTC on one side and all trades require some BTC for your security deposit.

You can send those BTC directly to your Bisq wallet in Funds->Receive funds.


I sent bitcoins to a Bisq wallet. Then I go to Market and choose a currency, then click on BUY (SELL BTC), then CREATE NEW OFFER… and an alert appears: No trading account for selected currency.

Confused @_@


On your Bisq client, go to: Account > Altcoin Accounts > Enter your altcoin address.

After you enter your altcoin account details you will be able to select a trade.


Sorry, I look stupid, but ¯_(ツ)_/¯ … I have already tried several times: I enter the address of my Bisq BTC wallet but the SAVE button remains gray. I do not select anything in the altcoin list because there is no BTC. Sorry and thank you


You don’t create a bitcoin account in Bisq. Bisq creates a BTC wallet for you. You need to create only an account for the other side of the trade, not for BTC.

Are you trying to trade fiat or crypto with your BTC?


Only crypto


Then if you are trading for example BTC/XMR you go to Accounts->Altcoin and create an XMR account.

You need to create new altcoin account for every different cryptocurrency that you trade and every different altcoin address that you are going to use in those trades.

Bitcoin is on one side of all trading pairs, so there is no need to create an account for BTC. Bitcoins are handled directly by your Bisq client, altcoins will be sent outside of Bisq and accounts need to be created for each altcoin address.


everything is OK now, I understand everything, thanks