Bitcoins exchange and transfer the fiat money to a bank

Hello, I am new in here and new in dealing with bitcoin as well. Therefore I will really appreciate if any of you could help me to solve.
I have a question; I have some bitcoin that I want to change for fiat money and have the same to be sent to a bank in india.
I have tried to do it following the instructions, but I realised that because I was asking to change the bitcoin into rupee I might have had some difficulty in doing the transaction, so I terminated the operation.
I am now thinking that perhaps if I choose to exchange the bitcoin with a known fiat currency I might have a better luck.
But I have one issue, that I am not sure I am doing the right thing; it is the payment method, which one to choose, as I am not familiar with the many listed.
Thank you very much


I think your “trading account” type to perform a normal bank transfer is "National Bank Tranfer"
This is under: Accounts -> National Currency accounts.
Here is a screenshot.
Do these fields look familiar? Not sure which you would need for your situation.
Nobody is currently is listing BTC for sale for INR.
You could create and offer to Buy BTC for INR and wait for someone to take your offer. You will need a 0.01 BTC deposit.
Your machine needs to be on for people to see it. Do you know any indian bitcoin communities, you could advertise that you have an offer online so someone could take it.
Remember, you do need some bitcoin first for the security model used. By default, to create an offer you need .01 BTC (deposit) and 0.3 BTC (deposit) to accept someone elses existing offer. hope that helps.