Bitcoins never show up in Bitsquare

Good morning,

Yesterday afternoon, I started using Bitsquare for the first time. I attempted to list 0.1 Bitcoins for sale, and Bitsquare gave me an Bitcoin address to send 0.1313 bitcoins to. I sent the bitcoins, but it took a long time to confirm. When I looked this morning, there were more than 82 confirmations, but the coins still do not show up in Bitsquare. I closed the program and opened it again, but they still do not show up.

Edit. This looks like it’s my fault. Trying a fix now. Thanks!

If you have no luck fixing it yourself, maybe you can try deleting the SPV chain file that holds the blockchain data . After resync it might fix the problem.

Yes, try to resync with deleting the spvchain file. u need another restart after its synced.

It seems the problem is related to the bitcoin node I am running on my home server. I am having trouble getting Bitsquare to connect to it reliably. This seems to be more of a problem with my node or the server that with Bitsquare.

I did try deleting Bitsquare.spvchain, but it did not help. But like I said, I do not believe that’s the issue.


So you have the node running at localhost? The it connects automatically to that.
If you stop your btc node then you should get connected to the public network.

No, I have the node running on a home server, and I have Bitsquare running on a different PC. I pointed Bitsquare to the node on the server by using it’s IP address, but it keeps losing connection.

I do not believe the problem is with Bitsquare. I believe the problem is with my node. When I began investigating, I noticed that my Bitcoin Core node was 5 weeks behind on the blockchain. It was not connecting to any peers. I reset the settings and it started connecting to peers. Eventually it caught back up on the blockchain. But I still think there might be something wrong.

I ended up taking my node out of the Custom Peers setting, and allowing Bitsquare to connect to other peers on the bitcoin network. This fixed the problems I was having.

Maybe you have some firewall issues with your btc node?