Bitdefender 2018 detecting some bisq files as malware...normal?

my Bitdefender 2018 is detecting some bisq files as malware after installation (64bit) and at first run (BTW I am on Windows 10)…is it known problem to anybody?
It specifically dedected bisq.exe, tor.exe, some .tmp if I remember correctly and some more files and deleted them. It is probably false positive but I would like to have a confirmation from YOU developers why is it happening, could be malicoius tor node (fishing) or tsomething. Can you guarantee it is ok?
Can you run test against bitdefender 2018 if you get that too?
Also what is strange is that I also submitted the files to and there, bitdefender didin’t detect anything.

There are repeated false positive flags from various AV software. One was even deleting the wallet, so I would rather consider those as malware. If you have downloaded from the official webpage/Github all should be ok. Check the signature as well. And move to Mac or Linux for better security with Cryptocurrencies.