Bitfinex hacked
They are / were the largest non-Chinese exchange.

I feel bad for all the people losing money. Perhaps this will drive more users to Bitsquare:

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It’s a cold-blooded position, Better Square; but realistic. (and I like Gatecoin, another Hong Kong exchange that got hacked.)

Best wishes for all crypto geeks with coin on Bitfinex.

Meanwhile, we’re puddling along here:

Count me in :wink: . Since last year I was searching for such platform and found it this morning. I gotta it’s quite appealing especially after my last year experience with Coinffeine, somehow a zombie project. Hope to contribute to the community and make it happen!

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Welcome Nolaan! We can need definitely help in any area! Spreading the word and providing liquidity is something everyone can do. If you are a developer let me know!

My speculation is adoption will be slow and steady with Bitsquare; which isn’t a bad thing. It is the margin trading and lending that keeps the volumes so high in the popular exchanges. The people who lose their btc from a exchange hack are quickly forgotten (no lesson learned) and they all just move to another centralized exchange.

There will be a tipping point. I have been encouraging all of my localbitcoin buyers to use BS as well. That seems to be the best use currently.

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Yes I agree. I prefer also slow organic growh rathere than TheDAO like events :-).
I also agree that a huge portion of the trade volume is kind of artificial, also we need to trust that the data is correct.
Yes the LBTC market is actually our target market. For daytraders Bitsquare is too slow, though in future there might be new tools for them (CFD, options).
I think the tipping point comes closer next year when the EU implements the proposals where all crypto exchanges holding funds fall under regulation. And specially when they go further to force people to register their BTC addresses.

Thanks! Yes I’m a developer but I don’t know if I’ll be much help with Java :wink: I’m a C/C++ dev, I also hack around scripting languages. Maybe I’ll need longer time to get up to speed and be efficient, so if you have some easy entry point for me I’m willing to take it.
I’m particularly interested in the subject of reputation for cryptocurrency exchange platform. Because I believe it will remove some friction and fear for normal people, and they will have greater confidence using such platforms. Am I wrong?

Ah cool! Devs are heavily needed.
Maybe you can check out the Github issues for “low hanging fruits” or the topics you are interested in (network, installations, UI,…).
There are quite a few non-Java tasks or tasks which are easy to start with.
Like to investigate how we can circumvent the chinese FW:

There is much need for a UI dev (JavaFX) but sounds that is not what you are interested in/fits your background.
Otherwise if I am wrong, there are some tasks like getting translations, or improving the payment methods handling and adding more payment methods (includes investigating payment methods).

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