Bitsquare, a state/ payment channel tech?

Let me help to scrutinize this argument. The way bitsquare works is very much how others imagine Channel technology like Lightning and Raiden. Not in the details, but conceptually. And this means if you can exchange alts and Fiat, you could also exchange goods, information, pigeons… for bitcoin.

Just a “showerthought”

openbazaar may be better to sell your own wares to people for bitcoin/altcoin?
i just think sending fiat to strangers has its risks.
i do like this general idea, but its too hard for the few devs (one?) to code all this.
i think this is why manfred is working away feverishly (im guessing) at a dao model to incentive’s code contributors & trading on the platform. if i understand correctly.
would love some sort of (hardly private) functionality in bitsquare. buy something for someone from their amazon wishlist in fiat and they pay you in bitcoin. incentive would be, they can cashout their bitcoin and get a better price than fiat as paying in btc would be at a discount. gets me all excited thinking about the possibilities. maybe there is some overlap with openbazaar/bitsquare - merger haha .

I was more interested if bitsquare can be seen as a payment/statechannel tech from a conceptual perspective.