Bitsquare apk build for android


Recently a friend of mine wanted to run bitsquare on his tablet, since he works mostly on it. I’m not sure how well it would run though…

Would creating an apk build be too much of an hassle? Maybe we’d need a dedicated dev for this, if it is feasible.


Android currently use Java7 and Bitsquare is built with Java8 so that will be not easy to port. I heard that soon Java8 should work on Android as well, but I am not very familiar with Android so not sure. Android mobile support is on the mid to long term roadmap, though it will come with considerable effort.


Yeah i totally forgot android has no VM and the libraries are different… maybe some even unavailable. it will be quite the effort.


I thought it would be useful to track the request with a bug report as most projects do (so that useful resources can be collected, or another dev can pick up the task)

In this day and age, it seems like shooting yourself in the foot to not have native apps for mobile. There is plenty of reading on mobile first design, why it’s so important strategically, and how to do it well.


He @riclas I am an native android application developer by trade. I just got introduced to Bisq yesterday and wanted to know how to see if I could help with the issue that is happening currently with the build.


Hi @ManfredKarrer, just to make you aware that android can support Java8 so if that’s the only barrier I think it won’t be an issue as far as porting is concerned.


Ah really! I was not aware of. That’s great. Maybe you can try to get Bisq running on an Android tablet (mobile would require different UI).

Beside to have the app native on mobile there are rough ideas to build a “remote control” light client where you can do basic activities with your self hosted (headless) Bisq running on your home desktop or a self hosted server.

As start might be to build just a notification app, so e.g. if an offer gets taken the user gets on his mobile app the notification. From that we could extend features…


@ManfredKarrer Is there an existing codebase for Android in Github ? If yes can I get a link I have an android tablet I can try running on that.


No there is nothing for android. Build scripts for Linux are under /package/linux.


Following this tread. Hope we won’t have to build the Android app from scratch.


I believe that it is extremely important to make bisque work under android and other mobile devices (IOS, etc.)!
Today ANY startup has to run on mobile, if wants to be accepted worldwide and expand.
Wile Microsoft was enjoying superiority and missed mobile market, android grows up and now it is too late to catch them.
Today, new generations, prefers mobile, they don’t want to spend time by desktop or laptop.
And Android is superior to mobile market now.
If someone can make Bisq works on mobile, it will skyrocket!
I am not programmer, but know, that some programs are multiplatform, can run on any OS without modification, so, no need to make them separately for each platform.
So, it will be even better to make something like this.
Bisq required to keep the program run to keep offer active. This disadvantage can be lowered by running on mobile.
As well, Bisq need to fund the way to adding possibility to keep offering visible until cancelled.
I am aware that P2P nature is against this, but it should be some way!
What about block chain technology? why not use it?
Every device online can copy all active sell\buy requests and keep it visible until cancelled?
Or not to copy to all peers, but to nearest active one, before app shut down and if the next pier going offline, copy to the next nearest etc…
I am not good with programming, but know, some programs works similarly.
Private info in offers can be encrypted and visible only to the buyer or Seller and another peers only keeps copies of the offer and relay it but can’t read it content without keys.

Or might be, it is possible to add functionality that any peer online can offer to keep offering online on their device wile offer maker offline?

In that case, someone willing to keep their device online and “rent” it to another peer, can make some profit, say 1% of deal for keeping offer running and notify the offer maker if it is accepted and its time to proceed.

I mean, if Bisq can make this reality, run on mobile and keep offering active regardless online or offline your device, traders can simply make an offer and rest until it is taken and have access from anywhere by mobile devise, It will make Bisq #1 on all markets!

So, Please, Go ahead and make this reality!
I am personally will pray for the smart one who will do this, on android or multiplatform.
I suggest that might be a good idea to make some reward for this.


I wonder if there is any news or updates regarding the Bisq mobile app?


I don’t think that it is actively being developed. We could probably use some devs that are familiar with developing smarphone apps.


Thanks for the update. I know all this stuff takes a lot of work and I’m no programmer, so I’ll never give a hard time to a team like Bisq who’s doing something great. Just sharing my thoughts and gathering info as much as I can. If it does become feasible to develop a mobile app, I think it would really increase the user base!


Bumping this thread… so should we not expect an android bisq app in 2018 yet?


Good question, but I think that is hard to say. We never know if some dev shows up willing to do some work on an Android app.


I’d really like an android app for bisq. It would be really cool to run it on a chromebook or phone