Bitsquare becomes bisq

Announcement of new brand name for Bitsquare: Bitsquare becomes bisq


Like the name :slight_smile:

Btw, some guy got a fairly similar name, but wasn’t given any part of the reward. I bet he will be quite bummed out about it. Poor guy suggested Bisqui with similar reasons.

Thank you alexej996 for pointing this out! The name Bisqui that user silverback proposed does indeed sound similar to bisq. Upon further examination we see that he was also quite active in the forum and did provide explanation for his proposals. So the bisq team agrees that he too should receive an equal part of the reward. Manfred will contact silverback for the payment of 0.1 BTC.

The reason he was not chosen initially was that his other proposals were not part of our shortlist of names, so other users filled up the 5 winner places we allocated. However, we did not pay attention that his proposal (Bisqui) was the closest to bisq among all other names suggested by the community.

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There seems to be some recognition of the value of Bitsquare as a trademark since uses the same name for its site. Seems to be a Korean gambling site.