Bitsquare bounties: Rule set and overview

Here is a rough rule set and overview about Bitsquare bounties.

  • Anyone can offer a bounty with an initial amount. The one who started it will be responsible for funds management, acceptance and payout.
  • To have a reliable and accessible funding source, the initiator should set up a BTC address for receiving additional donations from other supporters and shoud also pay in his initial amount. Please do not send BTC to bounty offerers who are not known/trustful. In doubt Bitsquare team members can act as escrow. Only BTC at that address can be considered as bounty funds (promises are not sufficient).
  • The money might be also partially paid out if the solution was not fully satisfying, or can be split between different contributors. Easiest if there are several contributors, would be if they cooperate as a team and split in between themselves.
  • We use the label “Bounty task” for Github issues containing bounties. There is also the BTC address visible in the Github issue, so anyone can check the current funding state of the bounty. Github should also be used for technical communication regarding the bounty.
  • A developer taking a bounty should add a comment on Github to avoid that several devs work in parallel on the same the bounties, as well as to make it easier to cooperate.

Any other input is welcome! Please add your replies here and I will update…

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