Bitsquare bounty: 0.5 BTC for new brand name

In a recent blog post we announced that Bitsquare is rebranding. We are now turning to the community for new proposals.

Manfred, Bitsquare’s founder and lead dev, is offering a bounty of 0.5 bitcoin for the person whose proposed name ends up being selected by the team.

The details of the offer are as follows:

You can propose as many names as you like. Only proposals on the official Bitsquare forum (i.e. here) are considered for the bounty. On February 20 the team will review all proposals, and if a particular name stands out, the proposed name and the winner will be announced on the official Bitsquare blog. The winner will then be contacted to receive his/her bounty of 0.5 bitcoin. So no need to add a bitcoin address with your every proposal :slight_smile:

If the new Bitsquare name, which the team will select, is not among the names proposed in this forum, obviously there will be no winner to collect a bounty. Similarly, there will be no winner if the selected name is already part of our list of candidate names (as mentioned in the announcement). The full list will only be shown as a proof if the selected name is proposed by a member of this forum AND it appears in our list. To prove the list is not modified, here is the SHA256 hash of the text file containing that list:

Though the full list will not be shown during the bounty period, little by little we will reveal some of our top candidates. So check this space often for more inspiration.

As a guideline for proposals, consider the following:
The name cannot contain the term “square”, as it was opposed during registration.
Similarly, any terms that are too common, or too close to existing businesses will likely not pass.
(new as of Jan 17) Propose names that do not contain the term “bit”. We already have too many of those.
Above all, the new name should resonate with Bitsquare’s principles and philosophy.

Some of Bitsquare’s core values:
Openness, protection of privacy, permission-less, alternative structures for organizing and funding OS projects (DAO), synergy, resilience, value transfer, new more flexible and open forms of money (value representation),…

Please express your support with the proposals you like and your concern with those you dislike. Constructive comments are key!

What new name you think represents best what Bitsquare stands for?


Thats a real bummer, i really liked the name.

how about…bitZócalo

My first suggestion would be: CoinCrossing


where “dex” stands for “decentralized exchange”

My second would be: DecentEx


here goes mine: coindex

edit: seems like the name was used two years ago for a switzerland exchange who shutdown, had to google deep to find this one. it’s also the name of the library that coded the exchange…
But i still think some wordplay on “coin” and “dex” would be the most suitable.

MoneroME from Reddit can’t sign-up to the forum and asked me to post these for him:


two mods from existing ideas:


(he/she doesn’t receive the confirmation mail on several email addresses)

If you want a name that is hardly used, I’d go for BitDX (just try and google it).
I don’t think I have to explain that DX stands for decentralized exchange, right? :wink:

P2PX (son of a gun!)

BitBox submitted by spoonfednonsense on Reddit


Added some more:

Bit ² (pronounced bit squared when not in court)
Bottom Bit (Because a pimps bottom bitch makes the most money)
BitWire (Think limewire)

DecEx (DECentralized EXchange)

PeerX (inspired by Peercoin)

DeToX (DEcentralized TOken eXchange)

Getting rid of centralization toxins…

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Submitting for lethos3 on reddit: Thoth

The name needs meaning, uniqueness and not being trademarked already, I suggest “Thoth” (Egyptian God of the Moon and Measurement).

Submitting for peoplma on Reddit:

I didn’t get a confirmation email either. I propose Bitskware. Google will autocorrect bitsquare to that, in time, due to keyboard layout proximity. And it’ll make the lawyers happy.

I think:

BitEx (Bitcoin Exchange)

Submitting for seweso on Reddit:


My proposal is “Bitshift >>”.


patron god of financial gain, commerce, eloquence (and thus poetry), messages/communication (including divination), travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery and thieves; he is also the guide of souls to the underworld

BitPlace. The place to Bit :grinning:

Or “Fuck you copyright trolls”. FYCT sounds nice.

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