Bitsquare Evolution : Will you enable Altcoins / Euro trading pairs?

Hello everyone,
With coins like Ethereum and Dash going up to 100$ per unit, do you plan to accept in trading them directly in Euros ?
Using Bitcoin for small payments is getting dirty, with tx fees very often over 1€, and Altcoins do not share this issue
Thanks for sharing your thoughts about it !

What about GBP?

At this time Bitcoin is the base coin for the whole system. This may change if there is a contentious hard fork but in that case Monero will probably become the base coin. There is no plan to support direct conversion from Euro (or any other fiat currency) to Ether or Dash.

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Changing the base coin would be considerable effort. So no, there are no plans for that.

Ok, thank you for your answers

@coinstash: Why do you think Monero would become the base coin ?
I have never investigated this particular coin, and I had a bad feeling when I first heard about it, for the reason it is not bitcoin-based (like Ether), and therefore, has everything to prove. Now, it’s been around for a while, so maybe it became hard as a rock, like Bitcoin tech is, I just don’t know…

Monero has a very solid dev team. Monero would solve many privacy problems Bitcoin has. But the downside is that it does not has MultiSig and a SPV mode. As well the user base is much smaller compared to BTC. So no real plans for that…

That is… everything Ether and Dash solve isn’t it ? Well I’m not sure for Ether, but about Dash : PrivateSend / InstantSend / driven like a company / well rewarded dev team / multiple incentives / user votes every month or so…and an evolution map pretty bold !
Then I think it’s a matter of global trust and feeling about some new kind of currency, like Bitcoin was 7 years ago :wink:
But like you I think, I hope cryptocurrencies will become the base trading commodities one day, to get over government controlled money and all its bad effects…