Bitsquare Integration

Has Bitsquare been integrated into any existing Altcoiin wallets? For a direct to Altcoin -> Bitcoin -> Altcoin inwallet exchange?

No integration yet. In the pipeline is fast confirmation that altcoins have been transferred. But this will take some time due to lack of developers.

I’m looking into both Ethereum and Android right now, but since it’s at the “I wonder if this will work” stage nothing has been announced.

We do have some developers, which is more than can be said for a lot of altcoins. :slight_smile:

Cool, yeah would be nice to add this to our wallet for trading between BTC and DNET.

I’m not sure how you see this. What do you mean by “add this to our wallet”? Bitsquare is a BTC exchange written in Java so it can’t be just added to wallets. If you mean to say “add wallet support for DNET into Bitsquare”, that isn’t likely to happen unless you hit the CMC top five.

At some point, will there be an Api? was just thinking out loud honestly.

Not sure I understand what you are saying, Wouldn’t this happen if DNET was added to the exchange anyway?

I’m guessing you haven’t used Bitsquare much. When DNET is added you’ll be able to buy and sell it for fiat currencies, and trade it for bitcoin. But sending and receiving DNET is done from an external wallet.

There is a bitcoin wallet in Bitsquare, which is the only one integrated at present. That’s because it’s the base currency used by the program. Clearer?

Yep, Crystal. Nope haven’t used the Platform yet, but i am impressed so far. This is how an exchange should be… :slight_smile:

Yep, we think so too. :slight_smile:

I’d like to know this also: We have yaac) (yet another altcoin), which we would be extremely interested in getting into Bitsquare. However, this relates directly to the API issue, since we really only want it listed if we can also provide liquidity.

Someone mentioned raising funds to develop the API. We might be interested in contributing.

[Our coin is the SMLY, which we use to reward students who study in out open educational system, the tutor-web. I’m not pushing the coin here, but we need a way for the students to easily interchange it with other coins. We already have automated liquidity on some other exchanges. If we see an API coming then we’d like to apply for setting up the coin in Bitsquare with the aim of experimenting with liquidity providers.]

The API work is in progress, but one dev has still a fulltime job and the other needed to stop working on it but hopefully joins back. Setting up a bounty is a good way to speed that up.
Here is the Github issue with the bounty.

I had put 1 BTC in so feel free to add more.

Thank you, I’d like to participate. I don’t see whether/how one formalises the promise – it there an account/BTC address to deposit into?

I will be the bounty coordinator.
Here is the address:

The goal of that bounty is an API to create or remove offers.
The full altcoin trade process is outside of that scope, but planned as following step.

OK, let’s see if I understand, before I commit:

Does this mean that it will be possible to automagically give a binding offer to sell/buy e.g. LTC for BTC?

But it will take another live user to close the deal, from the other end?

Surely that means that one can automatically close the spread on a given market, right?

If so, then that’s half the purpose of a liquidity provider - and the most important half :slight_smile:

Is the plan then to call a running bitsquare process, on the user’s local Linux machine?

Sorry for being slow :frowning:

Yes, the API should allow to call on a local Bitsquare node (not headless) which need to be funded with Bitcoin to create the offer or remove an existing offer.
It is basically that what you do when you click on create offer and fill in the form with price, amount,…
The managing of the BTC is not included in that API, as well not the handling of a trade.
It requires the UI version (not headless) as the funding and the trade handling need to be done manually via the UI.