Bitsquare Japan Group

Hi, I have created Bitsquare Japan Group in FB. Expect shout-out and support in coming weeks and months from Japan, Wow!

Thanks a lot @kenshishido!

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Hello, Japanese crypto geeks! You and us Australians and some others are the ‘Asian Trading Zone,’ and should maintain good relations.

Mark, Unicup, Western Australia

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Good day mate! Together, we rock the world!

Nice! Had no idea there is an active community in Japan.

Morning, karnal. Japan took a big psychological knock because Gox was on its soil – hardly the fault of ordinary Japanese people! But Mona Coin is effectively a Japanese coin, and it’s been around a while.

Hope you liked the cover photo in the FB group. Will bring over the best and brightest to contribute to one of the most critical project for Bitcoin’s ecosystem. We will be the largest exchange in the world!

Just started the group. Currently Japan has 6 major exchanges and total combined transaction volume is some $50M to $100M (US$ equivalent) per 24 hours.

Pretty big, yeah? We all know hacking here and there every month. I wanted to let my fellow Japanese bright Bitcoin devs know about this exciting project. You will hear more from us soon!

Fantastic! Great thanks! I have been in Japan many years ago, loved the country and the people!
Looking forward to get a japanese Bitsquare community bootstrapped!

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Awesome to have you guys around here!

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Awesome! Looking forward to visiting Japan someday and meeting some of you. love the anime and culture of Japan.


Come and visit us in Tokyo, jusnsgalt! I run Tokyo Bitcoin Meetup group and we just had 200th meetup last month. We are the second oldest group (after Silicon Valley) and the world most frequent. (with verifiable evidence.)

I try not to make our meetup not too geeky. Here is a clip from 195th meetup where I converted Burlesque dancer to take bitcoin tips. (also experimenting Bitcoin pay per view site, watchmybit.)

May the force be with us all in Bitsquare Land!

Awesome! Thank you Kenshishido. I’ll def keep you in mind and now I’m getting exited about visiting. :slight_smile: