Bitsquare on bitSIM* based in Hong Kong have developed a “chip to cloud” quad -play, its a secure platform for developers, consumers and nextgen payment providers to leverage and introduce bitcoin & blockchain services on top of existing mobile infrastructure.

Excuse the naivety of the technical skills to implement such a plan, I was thinking it would be a game changer if the bitSIM came pre-installed with Bitsquare.

BitSIM utilises the JAVA Card
bitSIM* Technology Stack includes a SIM App Store environment to host mIDentity, mBanking & mCommerce or mRemittance Java Apps. There is extra space for Gaming and Infotainment Apps to be deployed. These SIMlets can be updated by the customer once the bitSIM* overlay is installed & activated using byte code reloads over the air (OTA).

I yearn for the day that Bitsquare will be in on my phone.