Bitsquare on ROKOS!

Not sure if this is news to anyone here or not, but I just asked in the ROKOS thread of Bitcointalk about adding Bitsquare and they said it will be included in an upcoming release.

Having a quick and easy way to put the exchange and also your wallets for BTC and alts all on a device like the Raspberry pi that’s cheap and convenient to leave running all the time will make a big different to usability I think - I’m really looking forward to it!

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Thanks a lot! Good idea.

Ummm, a Bitsquare node running permanently on a RasPi would be a good way to keep your offers online, and with a remote desktop access like X2Go it may be conveniently headless until needed. I wonder what the minimum hardware requirements would be, though. :wink:

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Hadn’t seen X2Go before. Looks like it should be fairly painless to use it on an rpi and connect to a laptop - I might give that a try, thanks.