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Nice page, full of references!:slight_smile: Unfortunately Wikipedia librarians are a little picky about what pages they consider to be relevant (I’ve met people who’s had very hard episodes with that) and they are considering it for deletion. Maybe the article needs some links from other pages or something, anyway it would be safer to keep a local copy of the page’s source somewhere in case it’s deleted by the librarians.

Yes I saw that as well. There have been anotehr wiki page with Bitsquare in it (currency exchanges). Maybe someone tries to get some cross links form other wiki pages so the main article goes not get deleted. The article also could use more conctent…
If anyone want to help here it would be very welcome!

Was here:
But seems that is has been reverted as well…

That was me, I keept the code so if they delete the page we can upload it again as soon as we have more hits on Google. :wink:

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Hey, page got deleted would you upload it again? Thanks

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I noticed that the Bitsquare article in Wikipedia was deleted 1 June 2016, because it didn’t meet the General notability guideline (i.e., multiple reliable independent sources) and because the article was supposedly written Too soon.

We need to gather solid news stories or other sources that describe Bitsquare. If a story basically repeats Bitsquare’s press releases or website, Wikipedia’s editorial policy doesn’t count it as independent (understandably).

If we build a list of reliable sources here, they could then be used to re-instate the deleted Wikipedia article. After that, we could have bi-lingual users translate it into other languages.

As soon as Wikipedia accepts the article, I can translate it to Greek.

We can probably expect Bitsquare’s rebrand to be mentioned in bitcoin focused news like Bitcoin magazine. Also a redirect on wikipedia will be needed soon after new name is picked.
I could try to find some time to translate it to Serbian in due time as well.

Thanks for summarizing and the info!

Here is our list of press articles:

We have a few very good articles (Bitcoin magazine,…) as well as tutorials and now we are also listed in

I just listed Bitsquare in Wikipedia’s Peer-to-Peer article,

I’m also in the process of restoring and updating the deleted Bitsquare page. However, the first step is apparently contacting the Wikipedian who deleted the page, and I’m waiting to hear back from her.


Typo: [quote=“ManfredKarrer, post:1, topic:172”]
therefore their is no server to hack

“Their” should be “there”. However the sentence would be better phrased. “There is therefore, no server to hack”.
Sorry for being the grammar police!!

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Maybe its better to wait for the rebrand. Should start end of February…

If we gather here enough “reliable independent sources”, then I can try to write a wikipedia article for bisq. For the moment, I just added it here:

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Great thanks!

Here is a not updated and not complete list of interviews, articles, etc.