Bitsquare presentation tour starts

I am leaving tomorrow for the Bitsquare presentation tour. London will be first station on tuesday (
Monday I will meet Tomer Kantor (Ulterior States,,

If anyone of you is close to one of the cities would be a pleasure to meet you in person!
I stay 2 or 3 days usually in a city to have a bit of time to meet people, so just ping me in case…

Will try to be online once a day but cannot promise fast responses. Bugs have to wait until I am back :slight_smile:

Here is the tour plan:


Have a great time, Manfred.

Enjoy the distraction from the daily grind.

I really hope to catch you at Arnheim and or Berlin.

Yeah would be great! Let me know once u know it!

Good luck with the tour! The presentation at Barcelona was really great, very understandable and it had a good flow in my opinion, I’m sure people will like the upcoming ones. :slight_smile:

I have a short break before my last tour stop in Berlin on tuesday, so would like to give a bit of feedback.

In short: It was simply awesome!

Just came back from Tel Aviv where I got great discussions with highly knowledgeable people there. The Tel Aviv Bitcoin Ambassy is a really phantastic place where people pass by to talk, get informed or buy BTC at the ATM. Hang out there for the afternoon and you will not get bored. Thanks to Eran also for a great trip to the dead sea and Jerusalem.

The “Bitcoin in use” conference in Arnhem was another amazing place! We had a lot of fun and interesting talks. That was exactly what a conference in the spirit of the “early adopters” shoud look like. The organizers are running BitKassa the best and most simple payment processor implementaion I can think of. Amazing communty there, specially when you consider the size of the city!
Was very happy also to meet the lead dev of my favorite crypto coin, Monero. A super interesting and fun guy!

And all the other places in the first part of the tour ave been great as well:
Milan has a very vibrant and strong community with a lot of startups. Was happy to meet Hostfat, one of the most active Bitsquare community members finally in person (he came to Arnhem as well).

In Vienna and Prague the presentation has been at a maker space (next to Barcelona the 3rd maker space in the tour). Was great to see that the spirit of Makers and Bitcoin is so closely connected. Specially in Vienna there have been many people from the art world who are exploring ideas from the blockchain space. Looking forward to see what they come up with in the future. Was also happy that I could discuss with some very experienced devs the technical concept of Bitsquare’s DAO model and met at least one who is interested to become active for Bitsquare.

Gent was another great place. Lots of Belgium beer until late night. Hope to have found a dev candidate there as well.

In Brussels Jeremy, the main organizer could not come unfortunately, but luckily I met him later in Arnhem.

Amsterdam has a very active community and business activity as well. The meetup was packed with 3 presentations and many people stayed until midnight. Great talk with Richard the organizer on the next day.

In London I was very glad to meet Tomer Kantor and the Proof Of Work team. They are very interested to become active in Bitsquare. We brainstormed some ideas, will see what follows up… Phantastic meetup location and many interesting contacts. Tomer was also very fast with publishing and promoting the video recording.

In the mean time I also got new invitations. One for a talk about the DAO idea at a conference of a mesh network community ( in 2 weeks.
Another for a hacker conference in Prague end of September.
Invitations for Tokyo, Hongkong and Singapore. Would love to go there but need first to get some work done… Hope end of the year I am able to visit Asia.
Other invitations for podcasts, discussion rounds and workshops. Will see how much I can handle… Too much work is waiting so need to get some development tasks done as well, build the DAO and find more devs…
I hope to be able to connect to Tor developers in Berlin next week.

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The video form Tel Aviv is out and get some good vibes on Reddit:

Wow, got a 10 BTC donation! Thanks to the anonymous donator! If you read that feel free to get in touch, would love to give some personal thanks!

Berlin was great as well. Very nice community there.
Unfortunately my Tor contact did not reply to my request to get in touch with Tor devs.

Just had an video interview with Johan Claeys whom I met in Arnhem:

Just had an video interview with Johan Claeys whom I met in Arnhem:

Same interview on YouTube for people that don’t want to register on blab to watch it.

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