Bitsquare very good Potential

Hello all,
The true benefits of decentralized Exchanges, we will face soon. Currently you need to run 24/7 a node to keep your offer online, nobody does that, expect someone with a rpi, but most users especially beginners dont even know about that.
So i wonder if it will be possible in future to solve this “issue” are there already plans, ideas or something in this direction to insert a offer and it will be online as long as i not delete it ?

Same Problem has Openbazaar, but they will fix it because they already have a solution. This Solution will not work with Bitsquare.

Btw: What about a chat Function in the future, think Karrer already said something about it.

Would be nice to know if there are any news about this :slight_smile:

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Hi sdc,

Thanks for your input. Decentralised software is still in the initial stages of development and has many issues, persistence being one of them. I think with the development of cloud computing most people will have a vps in the cloud soon, never to be switched off. But this is a few years off, most people cannot setup a vps with a GUI from the terminal and the cloud providers have a way to go to simplify the setup.
I think someone should think about hosted Bitsquare (for a fee). This introduces an element of trust and introduces also a new failure mode.

A chat opens a can of worms of social engineering into Bitsquare. It might for instance introduce negotiations into the trading, which would be a disaster imho.


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Has there been any discussion of using ipfs, freenet, or even maidsafe as a decentralized persistence layer?

I understand that openbazaar is moving to ipfs.

Also, I expect that with the upcoming API slow trades could become less of an issue at least for altcoin trading as people could setup local bots that automate things (sending and acknowledging receipt) on either side of the trade. This makes it possible for miners to auto-sell, for example, which should create more liquidity. As long as one side of the trade is automated and responding very quickly, then things should also happen pretty fast for the other party.

What is the solution Openbazaar will use?

There are som ideas how to solve that but need more time and comes with considerable effort. Too many other thing on the table what we need to do first. But I am aware of it and I hope we come up with a solution for that. But note, that only the offerer need to be online. You can simply take offers if you don’t want that burden. Getting more liquidity is our hi-prio issue atm. But for that we need also the community to help us and not only to wait until it happens by itself :slight_smile: Its an chicken and egg problem…

I was looking into IPFS in the beginning but it is not suited for our use cases.
Our cusotm built P2P network works pretty good for what we need and has full Tor support what might not be easy to add to other solutions (many use UDP which does nto work with Tor).

Automated trades for altcoins are planned. For fiat you need to do the bank transfer manually as the poor banks dont have funds to offer APIs. OKPay nad PerfectMoney are the only one I know who offer APIs, but not many users are using those.

Us IndiaMikeZulu guys see ‘dexchanges’ as a giant stride forward. Cryptos are presently stuck in the ‘immature speculative-trading phase’ made possible by automated exchanges. The ‘slow motion’ trading here will allow price-discovery while somewhat weakening the power of the pump-n-dumpers. Between mid-2013 and now, we’ve run five experimental exchanges in our attempts to provide any alternative to Gox/Mintpal/Cryptsy/Bitfinex . . but now we got Bitsquare!!

I think this will become less of a problem once there is more liquidity, your computer only needs to be online until someone takes the offer.