Bitsquare winner best Bitcoin company :D

Jeffery Jones ( names @ManfredKarrer Bitsquare best Bitcoin company of 2016

Nice !

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Yes just saw it on Twitter as well. Very cool! Though we are not a company and did not even got crowdfunding ;-).


Bitsquare was also mentioned in a previous episode (1h9m29s):

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That’s the magic of Bitcoin & cryptoland, you can give an award to a company that is not a company. There is no category yet for Bitsquare :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a DAO. But has nothing to do with TheDAO, Ethereum, smart contract or ICOs.
Simply a decentralized autonomous organization. Hope I find soon time to write a blog post with more info.

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I think it’s not a DAO yet. I’m not an expert in DAOs but I think I haven’t seen a DAO yet so only the effort to achieve this goal is something great to me.

Yes its not at the moment, but hopefully soon :slight_smile:

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