BitUSD as an additional payment method?

Hi. Why not add BitUSD as an additional payment method? It could accelerate the BTC trading, it could be faster than a transfer SEPA and BitUSD is a true blockchain crypto, unlike Theter.

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Could you provide some link for it? Couldn’t google it. Is it an altcoin or some kind of a fiat payment processor?

That one, bitshares:
At the moment, Bitsquare has no plans to add other payment methods. Everything (alts and fiat) is exchanged for BTC. I haven’t seen Bitshares to be traded for BTC, and that’s something that could be done.

H, 1 bitUSD is worth $1. BitUSD is a SmartCoin, a true cryptocurrency of BitShares, not a a token like tether, supported by third parties

It is already supported as well as many other Fiat IOU coins (but nobody used it so far I saw).

I can not understand why it is not used. If BitUSD or Nubits were used
It could accelerate a lot of trading bitcoin, giving much life to Bitsquare, making purchases and sales faster, capturing the value of Bitcoin at all times.

BitUSD could be bought or sold, using SEPA to pay, without worrying about the transfer time, since they have a very stable value.

For example Bittrex uses Nubits for Bitcoin trading.