Blank Trade Screen

I have this screen on the my Maker side of the trade.
I’m running Ubuntu 18.04.2 with the latest version of Bisq.
I’m in touch with Arbitrator and they suggested I purge and re sync SPV (updated, upgraded and rebooted OS) which I’ve done and the trade screen didn’t change.
Any suggestions?
I’ve also tried the non local BTC node.


Hi @sleeper ,
Did you have successfull trades before this one ?
or is this attempt your first ?

Yes, I have trading before and after this without issue.

Just to update, The Arb closed the trade and reversed the deposits.

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If the issue continues you might need to switch to a new data direcotry.

Yes, I am currently.
After posting I tried to do another trade and withdrawal and the wallet errored and the interface froze and became unusable.
I had a recent backup so I was able to transfer my Bisq coins to a new Bisq wallet/data directory. I was also able to use my old wallet seed to do a restore via electrum.
Overall it was no fun. I had several hundred transactions in that wallet so I think was the issue. Going forward I am going swap new wallets in before wallet size becomes an issue.

This issue (blank trade screen) has popped up again for me and a fresh data directory.
Is their directions for uninstall/reinstall the Bisq app? I can’t seem to uninstall and reinstall in Ubuntu 18.04.

There will be a new Bisq version very nextly, probably coming monday or tuesday.
This would be a good opportunity to install this new version.
Wait until the new download is proposed in your current Bisq appli and do it.
If you have 0 open trade, open dispute, etc, this would be a plus to start over with a max fresh installation.

Your issue is however quite a strange one.
If the new install doesn’t solve it, please keep us informed.