Blockchain Confirmation Stuck 4-19-19

Hello, new here and am seeking assistance. I completed one trade and have another with the same seller in progress. Between those I initiated a second trade with another seller and it is stuck in confirmation. It has been roughly 4-6 hrs. Any suggestions or just simply wait it out? Appreciate the help and will be learning more about Bisq. 21 peers 0 confirmations the “0.83 vMB from tip)” has fluctuated not sure what that means exactly.

edit : pzdrowod is the trade id

Please have a look at URGENT: Certain banks banned until further notice
If the onion of your counter-party is in the bad list, then this may be the explanation.

Could of course be something else. But first let’s verify if it is not related to the running scams.

I have completed another trade with the same bank already and it’s not on that urgent list - but as of this morning the confirmation has went through. thank you, i’ll just have to be more patient I guess.